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Disclaimer: Our services are performed on a "best efforts" basis. We assume no liability for lost data, lost productivity or any losses directly or indirectly related to our work on your site. We STRONGLY advise our clients to back up any and all important data prior to our starting work at their facility. Easyrider LAN Pro accepts no liability or responsibility of any kind for any losses, monetary or otherwise, resulting from our engagement at any customer site. Easyrider LAN Pro makes no guarantees that all vulnerabilities will be discovered during our audit process and/or that all viruses, trojans, malware, spyware and so forth will be completely removed when we have completed our audit. We do not wish to appear wishy-washy or unwilling to accept responsibility for our work. However, the careful white paper reader is now aware that computing infrastructure vulnerabilities and malware can be insideously difficult to defend against. While we are dedicated to our craft, it is certainly possible that we could miss something and therefore need to divest ourselves of any legal liabilities for any mistakes or oversights that may be made.

In the battle to protect your network: If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. -- Sun Tzu quote

Value proposition: 100% of the networks we have audited in recent years have had multiple creepy things running in them. Of course your enterprise might be different but why take that chance? Consider the cost, lost productivity and embarrassment involved in a successful hack attempt, DDoS, defaced web site, lost/stolen/compromised data or who knows what else. And consider the time and expense to clean up the mess that these hackers will make. Forward looking IT Managers understand that a small investment to screen for potential problems is money well spent.

Free network auditing: We are so certain that you have security problems you don't even know about, we make this unique offer: if we audit your entire network and find no viruses, trojans, malware, spyware or other infections or problems, then the audit is FREE! (less travel and living expenses, if any)

Zero infection audits done so far:


Here's a safe little test you can try:

Click on There is no malicious code on this page! However, around 80,000 legitimate business, church, government and other web sites are currently unknowingly infected with SQL or javascript injections. Clicking on the above link will simulate what will happen during a so-called "drive by" infection except that if you were really infected, you'd never know it. You'd be automatically and instantly redirected to a criminal web site where your computer, browser and various installed applications would be quietly probed for any of dozens of common vulnerabilities. This is known as a chained exploit attack. If one or more vulnerabilities is detected, they will immediately and silently be exploited and poof!... your computer is infected. If your browser allows the above URL to come up unchallenged, your users are definitely vulnerable to drive-by exploits. Again, this web page is 100% safe. It is merely a test case example. NOTE: if your AV software scans web sites for safety, it will not detect this type of drive-by in most cases since the first thing the drive-by does is send your browser to a different web site. It's all over but the crying before your AV software knows what happened.

PC Audit, security hardening and performance tune-up service

Service Overview: This is not a service where we come in and just "look around". There are quite a few companies in Portland that will do that, if that's what you have in mind. Our service follows a documented, repeatable procedure that checks the integrity of your systems one at a time, step by step. Certainly, we may "look around" to investigate something we find that looks suspicious.. but the core of our security audit service is to execute a clear check list of items, using professional grade tools and best practices, to ensure that your company computing equipment is trojan, virus, spyware, malware and rootkit free.

Is this service only available to Portland, Oregon companies? : We take network security very seriously. We will perform our security audit service for any company in North America at our regular security audit rates, plus actual travel and living expenses.

Security audit

- Scan all PC disks for viruses, trojans, spyware, worms and other malware
- Inspect PC for rootkits and other infections/hacks
- Verify that all PC networking connections are valid. Bot check

PC Hardening

- Verify that Windows and all apps are patched to current levels
- Install/configure AV software, firewall and other security tools if absent
- Ensure that all ports are closed to Internet probing
- Review IE browser settings for proper security
- Review running services and discuss shutting off those that are not needed
- Test passwords for hardness (if desired)
- Install Firefox browser (if desired)
- Review firewall logs and settings
- Discuss "safe computing" practices with user

PC Tune-up

- Clean registry and clear out old temporary files
- Inspect hard drive(s) for errors and bad sectors. Fix if possible
- Review event logs for indications of:
        o failing disk drives
        o network problems
        o other hardware issues.
- Defragment disk(s)
- Check PC air flow
- Review performance and reliability issues with PC user
        o Address as appropriate

NOTE: This is a service for company networks and data centers.
We do not offer a consumer or residential service

Enterprise Security for the non-Technical Office Worker
Brown Bag Lunch Seminar

This is a one hour seminar geared towards non-IT Office Staff who use company computers. As you probably know, lack of User knowledge is the number one cause of successful hack attempts. Most IT organizations simply don't have the time or the resources to develop and deliver the training needed to secure this major vulnerability in their computing environment. Considering that a successful hack can cost many thousands of $$$ and several days to clean up, we believe that you'll agree that the nominal cost for our seminars will be well worth the money.

Drop us an e-mail to schedule a brown bag seminar at your Portland/Vancouver area facility right now!

Other consulting services
Network Security Audit and PC Tune-up service

- Proxy server installation and configuration
- Enterprise security consultations
- Disaster recovery planning
- Disaster recovery services
- Capacity, migration and upgrade planning
- Build and deploy central syslog server
- Build trouble ticket systems
- Design and build monitoring environments
- Design and build Network Operations Centers (NOC)
- HP Openview, BMC Patrol consulting

PC audit and tune-up consulting rate:
- $75 per hour based on an 8 hour work day
- Travel and living expenses if applicable

Cyberspace - A Country without a flag: Cyberspace is the most highly contested "turf" on the Planet. Governments are attacking Governments. Companies are spying on companies. Digital-age criminal "highwaymen" abound. And for comic relief, there are still "script kiddies" with too much time on their hands running around causing problems. If you think all that's needed to defend against this onslaught is a firewall and antivirus software, you REALLY need to go back and read this series of white papers again! At the very least, you need to run our free, safe, security vulnerability test on every computer in your enterprise to verify that you aren't vulnerable.

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